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The Company Altairbalt is a multifunctional trading broker, focused on complex problem solving of the client’s tasks.

The final offer includes the full cycle of the movement of goods: from the placement of the order, to the delivery of the goods at the customer’s warehouse.
In line of projects we offer assistance in installation and commissioning, and further on service maintenance.
All projects are insured, and the guarantee of the compliance of the contractual obligations are assured by our company, and are fixed in the relevant contract.

Our main goals when performing each project:
1. Professional quality of the offered service, that has been tailored due to extensive experience for years.
2. Maximum customer risk reduction, according to strong and stable legally correct relations, fixed by contractual obligations.
3. Guarantees of financial security of the clients, that are achieved also due to including the investments of our company in the most vulnerable in terms of risks of the work sites.