Financial agent services

combine_repack Financial agent services — specific financial tools or a complex of tools developed to optimize the international financial flows of cargo financial cycle.

Contract agent service

logisticsContract agent service is a special package created to provide clients with solutions for complex logistic tasks. This product edits, reinforces and add new features to already existent subdivision of client's company for one-time or recurrent increase in logistic orders, lack of human or financial resources (season peaks, new project launches etc). This solution provides clients an opportunity to focus on a main business, saves time and resources, and allows reducing the effort spent on a subproject which in its turn increases the efficiency of the main business.

Insurance agent service


Insurance agent service includes:

  • evaluation of optimal correlation for insurance bonus, insured value and insurable risks;
  • deciding on a insurance partner;
  • paperwork arrangement;
  • cargo insurance tracking for the whole shipping cycle;
  • reliable damage assessment should any be inflicted;
  • insurance reimbursement arrangement.

Customs’ agent service


Customs' agent service:

  • deciding on a custom office;
  • paperwork arrangement;
  • cargo forward declaration before it arrival to custom office;
  • interaction with customs.

Logistic agent services


Logistic agent services:

  • building up a cost effective shipping solution;
  • cargo process and storage service;
  • the arrangement of international shipping.