About services

Complex Diagnosis:

1. Introduction of the client’s interests as authorized trading and financial agent.

The management of the company holds negotiations with all the participants of the project, on the rights of the authorized agent client. They also organize correct calculations on emerging within the framework of the project debt obligations of the customer.

2. Certification.
For import and relocation of goods for each country there are certain obligatory certification regulations, concerning goods on transit as well as those that are required to undergo customs clearance. The specialists of our company will conduct the necessary study of the issue. In case the certification will be necessary they will offer the optimal decision of the current issue.

3. Insurance.
All of the projects of our company are maximum insured from the all the kinds of risks. We choose the insurance partners of our projects relying on our experience, as well as the main factors the company
presents, in particular offers optimal in price and quality.

4. Logistics.
a)The organization of shipping.
Our long-term cooperation with transporting companies of different scales, allows us to choose ideal performers of the logistics chain of the project, each of which serve their own section of track.
b)Customs Clearance.
Availability of the customs brokers in the Company’s staff allows us to solve the most complex issues professionally, and cooperation with specialists of the customs department helps in reaching the
best and most suitable decision.
c) Warehouse service.
Company owns its own storage areas, as well as has partners around European Union, relations with which are tied by long-term contracts. This allows the company to organize loading and unloading works of any degree of difficulty, as well as the storage of goods, if necessary. The current service applies to all cargo, That is located under customs control and in free circulation.



The organization of representation in the European Union for trading companies from third countries:

1. Our company is ready to represent interests if certain manufacturer, or trading mark from third country on the territory of European Union, in such case all powers are fixed in a fixed-term urgent contract.
2. Also the company performs complex certification that is necessary for the import of goods on the territory of European Union, as well as for wholesale and retail trade in every separate country of the European Union.
3. We offer warehouse services with the ability of receiving and storing stocks, required for realization, as well as processing and assembly of retail orders.
4. We organize the delivery of retail orders within the entire territory of European Union.
5. We offer a service of customer interaction with European marketplaces.